A wide selection of high-quality, user-friendly, space-saving short-wave infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV-A) IRT dryers.  A combination of 50+ years of curing know-how, high-end parts, sophisticated software, and in-house/third-party/user tests will cure your material 100%, every time. IRT mobiles and rail dryers provide reliable, high-quality results with advanced curing technology that is easy to use.

They are designed for the workshop, to save floor space and speed up the repair job process. IRT provides maximum productivity in the body shop, always considering health and safety regulations.

High-performance workshop equipment that saves time and money:

  • Speed up the workflow
  • Advanced easy-to-use curing technology
  • Reduce energy consumption


IRT Handheld & Mobile Dryers are efficient, safe, and quick drying. Handheld and IRT mobile dryers that cure-all base coat and paint materials. Easy access with flexible arms that are easy to adjust. IRT UV-A handheld & mobile dryers for all workshops. IRT UV-A curing with high intensity in a variety of models. Battery-operated and handheld UV-A LED models and UV-A high-efficiency pressure lamp mobiles.

IRT Rail dryers are space savers that improve workflow. IRT Rail dryers are wall- and ceiling installations for prep stations and spray booths with IR- and/or UV-A availability from all angles. IRT Arch creates is an in-booth curing system that saves energy, time, and space. IRT Arch dryers automatically move and identify the chosen car panel, using only the corresponding IR-lamps necessary.

The SAPE Group is the authorised Australian distributor for IRT infrared drying products. For further information on IRT products, contact our Head Office on (02) 9772 9097.