CODE: DR2600


The DR2600 is a manual spray gun cleaner and is designed for use with conventional paints and thinners.

The machine cleans with pump-fed recirculating thinners through a wash brush and also a manual clean rinse nozzle. The gun cleaner is equipped with a unique Drester Teflon Diaphragm pump, which gives a superior wash result.

The built-in automatic extraction prevents contact with hazardous fumes and improves the working environment.

The DR2600 is the ideal machine for cleaning spray guns, paint cans and spatulas, while also saving thinners and time.

Air connection

Through an integral airline on the side of the unit, the spray gun is supplied with compressed air for spray out of the gun.

  • ​Built-in extraction unit - The Drester 2600 is equipped with an air-powered extraction unit that operates when the lid is open. It efficiently protects the operator from harmful fumes.
  • Clean rinse - An integral nozzle in the lid is fed with clean solvent for rinsing.
  • Brush - The machine has a cleaning brush that is fed with recirculating solvent for efficient manual cleaning.
  • Spray out funnel - Solvent goes back into the machine and fumes are removed by the extraction unit when spraying out the spray gun through the funnel in the lid.
  • Washbasin: The washbasin is made of galvanized steel without any welding seams. The working platform can easily be removed when cleaning the washing compartment.
  • The pump: The Drester 2600 is equipped with a powerful Drester Teflon Diaphragm pump for reliable operation. The pump is activated by pressing a foot pedal.
  • ​Accessories: When using extremely large drums, there is a Hose Extension Kit and a Cover Plate (if the machine is extended) as accessories.

  • Manual cleaning with a flow-through brush
  • Efficient and solvent saving
  • Manual clean rinse with venturi nozzle
  • Air connection and collecting funnel for manual spray out
  • Automatic and highly efficient built-in extraction
  • Foot operated for hands-free operation
  • Round sink with no welding seams for easy and convenient maintenance
  • Equipped with air pressure regulator and water trap for durability
  • Air gun for drying the spray gun
  • Available with stainless washing compartment, artno. 2600-INOX.
  • Weight: 30 kg (67 lb)
  • Working pressure: 5-12 bar (100-180 psi)
  • Air consumption: 250 l/min (9 cfm)
  • Extraction capacity with 15 m (49 ft) extr. duct: 140 m3 /h (82 c.f.m.)
  • Extraction capacity with 5 m (16 ft) extr. duct: 180 m3 /h (106 c.f.m.)
  • Extractor diameter: 125 mm (5“)
  • Air supply: 5-12 bar (80-180 psi)
  • Width: 700 mm (27,5”)
  • Height: 990 mm (39”)